15[rented]200 m275 m242€ 2.000€ 7.750
17[rented]185 m295 m232€1.700€ 6.600
19Sold250 m215 m233
21Sold145 m265 m222
23[rented]165 m250 m232€ 1.550€ 6.000
25Sold285 m245 m243
27[rented]175 m285 m222€ 1.700€ 5.950
29Sold195 m265 m233
31[rented]105 m260 m222€ 1.250€ 4.550
33sold195 m280 m232

Prices include:

  • 9% VAT.
  • Fully furnished apartments/
  • The use of gas, water, electricity, t.v. and internet
  • Service costs like cleaning general areas, maintenance elevators, retrieving garbage daily, etc.

Minimum rental period: 1 month.

Availability may vary, please contact the Hotel Residences manager for current vacancies.

Hotel Residences The Hague, November 2017.
No rights may be derived from this (price)list.